Polled dreams, best of breed for HA online sale, Australia's European Young Breeders School team and more
Holstein Dispatch #25 – 1 September 2019
Feature stories:

Polled Dreams!

The August proof run saw Hindlee Holsteins  make its mark with Hindlee Jeronimo PB Dallas 19004 (375BPI) coming in at the top of the New Genomic Females list and Young Genomic Heifers lists, and at No. 2 on the Top Twenty Genomic Females (irrespective of age) list.

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Hindlee Holsteins' John & Vicki Lillico

Best of Breed for HA Online Sale

"The premium animals in this sale are a real credit to our members," says Holstein Australia CEO, Graeme Gillan.

"Australian pedigrees, very deep cow families, high type cows, high genomic ranking cows, some 2019 Cow of the Year finalists and a variety of representation from sires that are ranking very highly make this a real showcase sale for elite Australian-bred Holstein genetics with something for everyone."

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Other highlights:

Chasing success at the European Young Breeders School
This weekend sees Australia’s first EYBS team take to the show ring in Belgium. Team leader, Justin Johnston of Glomar Holsteins, talks about his hopes for the event and the wide-ranging dairy industry support that has made this initiative possible.

Data key for Master Breeder herd Calderbrae Holsteins
Having data at their finger-tips is key to helping Ross and Jacqui Suares make objective farm business decisions at Calderbrae Holsteins, a Master Breeder herd, which peaks at 180 cows across 100 hectares. Data has always played a huge role in the Suares family farm - they herd record regularly and have done since they started in the industry as sharefarmers.

When do your cows pay back their debt?
At what age has a cow generated sufficient revenue to pay back the debt accumulated due to the costs associated with their rearing? Holstein Canada has the answer.

Genetics Australia's Calister Maebull goes top
Genetics Australia’s Holstein bull Calister Maebull has topped the Australian-proven Holstein rankings with 323BPI, ranking in the top 1% for key indices such as health, type & mastitis resistance.

Kiama dairy takes punt on production
Mahlah and Kel Grey, The Pines, on the reality of dairy farming, diversification and their passion to make great produce that reflects their farm, ethics, soil, cattle and way of life.

Cattle bred to produce less methane
Scientists at the University of Adelaide in Australia have carried out research that has shown it is possible to breed cattle to reduce their methane emissions.

Outcomes of ADP workshops to set Dairy Australia agenda
Growth for its own sake is not on the agenda for Dairy Australia managing director David Nation. "My really strong perspective is that when the industry is confident and profitable, it will grow."

Upcoming events:

> 18th September 2019
HA National Awards Dinner
Inverloch, VIC

> 21st September 2019
Royal Melbourne Show Melbourne, VIC

> 17th October 2019
Royal Geelong Show Geelong, VIC


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