Holstein Dispatch #10 – 10 May 2018
Feature stories:

Holstein genetic gain speeds up

A recent analysis of genetic trends in the Australian dairy herd has shown that the rate of genetic gain for BPI in Australian Holsteins has accelerated in the past decade. The current rate of genetic gain is more than $20 per year, double that of just over a decade ago.

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Genomics has increased the rate of genetic gain

Trait list movers & shakers

April's proof release showed some movement with new top three cows for overall type, new number two and three cows for Survival, SCC, Fertility and Heat Tolerance and the top two cows for Feed Saved swapping places. Almost 6,000 new females have received their first genomic breeding value since December.

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Almost 6,000 new females have received ABVs
Other highlights:

Breeders inducted on Genetics Australia Honour Roll
Congratulations to Holstein bull breeders inducted on the Genetics Australia Honour Roll including members George Wagner, Jo & Bryan Dickson, Vicki & John Lillico, Ian & Peter Willcocks and Brian & Bill Anderson.

Health benefits to being a dairy farmer
US study shows dairy farmers may have increased protection against allergic and autoimmune diseases due to microbial diversity in their mouths and noses.

Pardee Holsteins dispersal: stud cows hit top of $5,250
Consensus of opinion from Pardeee Holsteins sale that dairy farmers are prepared to pay for top quality, well bred, high production cows.

Solving the genetic jigsaw
More efficient cows, environmental benefits, less disease and faster delivery of breeding worthy traits expected from NZ genetic mapping project.

Genetics Australia celebrates 60 years
Genetics Australia chairman recognises the pivotal role of breeders and dairy farmers at 60th anniversary celebrations for the genetics cooperative.

Anti-cow burp vaccine to reduce emissions
NZ scientists are trying to purge cow stomachs of methanogens, the microbes that convert hydrogen into methane, a potent greenhouse gas.

Upcoming events:

> 31st May 2018
Cow of the Year entries
Entries close 31st May

> 3rd - 5th July 2018
Victorian Winter Fair
Bendigo, VIC

> 26th July 2018
WAFarmers Dairy Conf Busselton, WA


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